Shiver Shield Gear Vs. Liquid Nitrogen and Dry Ice!

Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation, Featuring Shiver Shield Gear!

They may look awesome and the quality is top-knotch, but the key is the insulation

Shiver Shield’s Winter Jackets, Pants and other accessories, are not just beautiful and well put together.  That much is true, but what makes this one of the highest performing products in the world is the insulation and the way it is placed in the garments.  No other company does it the way we do, and if you watched the video above you can see we back it up by spraying very chilly liquid nitrogen on this guy we barely knew!  He’s our friend now because he is a true believer in our super-insulated cold weather gear. That and we didn’t freeze him to death.   That doesn’t mean we want you to try it at home though (anyway, liquid nitrogen is pretty expensive).  Give our awesome winter jackets a shot and you will understand what we mean by Conquering the Cold in Comfort!