What if I order your Jacket, Pants or Vest online and I don't like the way it fits?

We understand that it is difficult to order a garment over the internet without being able to try it on for fit and comfort. We want to reassure you that if you order a product from us and it is not what you expected or it does not fit as you like, if you return the product with the tags still attached and in new condition (e.g. no visible wear, damage, etc) we will exchange for a different size or refund your money.

Just how warm is Shiver Shield?

Well, the best way to answer this would be to compare it to something common. Aerogel is two to eight times warmer than the most common loft insulations used! It provides 39 times more insulating capacity than the best fiberglass insulation! There’s absolutely nothing else like aerogel.


What or who was Shiver Shield developed for?

Shiver Shield was developed for people that are going to be exposed to extremely cold environments for long periods of time, especially those that will have minimal activity.

Is there anything that I should be cautious about with Shiver Shield?

No, the  2015 Shiver Shield is completely different and can be worn and used as a normal garment. With the new insulation we have developed, there is no concern with puncturing or damaging the insulation.  You can use as a normal garment.


Should I expect any differences between Shiver Shield and my old heavy and bulky insulated clothing?

Most definitely! Due to the extremely thin layer of aerogel insulation, Shiver Shield will allow you to have more mobility and less restriction than a standard heavy, bulky garment made from a standard loft insulation.

What sizes is Shiver Shield available in?

In fall 2015, Shiver Shield is going to be available in men’s and women’s small through 2XL.

Can I get my artwork embroidered on my Shiver Shield Clothing?

We are reviewing what methods can be used to get logos, names and artwork on Shiver Shield products.

What makes Shiver Shield so warm?

Shiver Shield uses a revolutionary insulation called aerogel, which has never been available in garments on a commercial basis before.

Why should I buy Shiver Shield versus other insulated clothing?

When you consider the heat retention properties of insulation, aerogel is absolutely the warmest insulation per unit thickness that is available for commercial use in clothing with no exceptions!  Aerogel also retains its thermal properties under compression, where standard loft insulations cannot.

Shiver Shield seems too good to be true and I have been told my entire life that is if it seems to good to be true, then it probably is. Is this just another one of those product gimmicks that has a new name that is really no different from the other products I already have?

Shiver Shield is uniquely different than any other garment available. You have NEVER had the opportunity to purchase a cold weather garment with aerogel insulation technology in it. You simply must try it to believe it for yourself to see how something this thin can be this warm. In fact don’t be surprised if you get too hot!

Can I wear my other clothing with Shiver Shield?

Absolutely. Although you don’t need to, Shiver Shield is ideal to wear with compression fit base layer, under your scent control garments such as Scent-lok, or any other special clothing that you like to wear for your desired application or need. Shiver Shield will only improve your experience while wearing these other products.



Does Shiver Shield have any scent prevention or elimination properties?

We have not incorporated any type of antimicrobial odor elimination technology into Shiver Shield. We are still investigating antimicrobial fabrics that meet our high standards. However, until then we offer a product called AM-500 that is used to give a lifetime antimicrobial treatment to a variety of surfaces including fabrics and our janukation. This was specifically designed to treat Shiver Shield garments. AM-500 can also be used on all your clothing and equipment. AM-500 in combination with good personal hygiene is your best method for scent control.

What product lines are you going to offer in the future?

We are aggressively working on hats and gloves and other accessories to compliment our main line of  products.

Do you have kids sizes?

We do not yet manufacture kids sizes.

Where can I try it on? Are you going to be in stores?

Currently we only sell on our website.